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Irrigation Pump Installation And Repair

The Lost Valley Pump Service offers irrigation pump installation and repair services for homes throughout Missouri. Clients with an existing well may need to upgrade their pump if their well’s capacity is able to support it. 

However, if a client’s well capacity isn’t sufficient, we can help them find the perfect upgrade to ensure that their irrigation system functions smoothly. 

Residential Irrigation Pump Installation Services 

Before having a new irrigation system installed, you’ll need to ensure that you have the water supply to support it. Some options include having an additional well drilled or having a well manager system installed. For clients with city water, irrigation wells can provide an economical solution since once the system is installed, there’s no longer a monthly water bill. Well managers are self-contained units that utilize intelligent systems to store water. With this type of system, even a low water yield well can supply an entire household.

At Lost Valley Pump Service, we can repair or install any type of pump model, including jet pumps and submersible pumps, and we offer a wide range of jet and submersible pumps to choose from, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of your cleaner water source. Pump assembly services are fast and efficient, so we can have your irrigation system up and running in no time. 

Assessing Your Irrigation Pump and Setup 

There are many benefits to irrigation pump use. A system can save you money by lowering your utility bills, without any unexpected utility spikes.

Some towns may enforce water bans during the hotter months to limit the amount of water that’s used. With an irrigation pump, you’ll never have to worry that your water source is limited. You will also notice that over time, irrigation pumps will save you money. After our company completes an installation, the only cost will be the electricity needed to keep the pump operating. While our irrigation pumps can keep some of your cash in your pocket, a pump can also save you time and effort. With the services we offer, you can streamline your irrigation process. Clean, fresh water will treat property owners with farms or gardens especially well and irrigation pump installation can also increase your property’s value. 

When we assess your needs to determine which pump you'll need for your setup, or why your pump is not performing efficiently, we'll look at:

  • A pump's actual power to determine if it's struggling to keep up with your daily water needs
  • A pump's flow rate requirements 
  • We will check the foot valve filter, discharge pipe, inlet valve, and other components in your system to determine if the pump is to blame or if it's another component.

We're familiar with city water systems, the drilling requirements, and the range of flow rates a pump provides. Whether you need your pump repaired or you need a pump installed, we will sit down with you to discuss your options for a new or updated irrigation system and ensure we find the perfect solution for you, your property, and your budget. 

Signs Your Irrigation Pump Needs to Be Replaced 

Irrigation water pump replacement can be an expensive solution, but it may not be your pump that’s causing your water flow problems. 

Here are some signs that will indicate that your irrigation pump needs to be checked by one of our licensed irrigation pump professionals:

Water Pump Won’t Turn On 

If your five-stage pump isn’t turning on, it may be an easy fix. The first thing you should do is check your breaker, since a lack of adequate power may be to blame. Electrical power outages are common if there's an issue with the pump's wiring. If the breaker is tripped or isn’t turned on, you can try resetting it. If you reset the breaker and it continues to trip, you may have a problem with the wires that run to the pump or a problem with the pump’s motor. Too little or too much electricity may be another issue. 

While you may think you can repair your irrigation pump yourself, think again. 

The wiring involved with most systems is complex, so speaking with one of our specialists is always a smarter move. Not only will there be less risk to you, but the job will get done in less time since our specialists know what they’re looking for. We're familiar with flow requirements, exact pressure requirements, city water systems, the broad range of flow rates, and many of the common problems that you'll encounter with your irrigation pump, whether it's a matter of using the correct power supply, a faulty pressure gauge, or you need to upgrade your pump model. We carry many desirable pump types and larger pumps that can instantly improve your system's performance. 

Lack of Water 

One of the biggest signs that something is wrong with your irrigation pump is a lack of water or no water at all. However, before you blame this problem on your pump, you should check all of your lines and foot valves. You can try troubleshooting this problem yourself, or you can contact one of the pros at Lost Valley Pump Service. When it comes to problem-solving, an irrigation pump specialist at our company knows just what to do. Whether your issue calls for simple repairs or a replacement pump, we can handle the job. 

Inefficient Pump Operation 

When your system isn’t working efficiently and you notice a change in water pressure, a blockage may be the issue. Outdoor debris such as leaves can get into your system, blocking the intake screen located on the foot valve. This can restrict the amount of water the pump delivers. If smaller particles make it past the intake screen, they can become trapped in the impeller vanes, which will also negatively impact a pump’s performance and ability to deliver water. This is a fairly common issue that can be resolved with a basic procedure to clear the blockage.

Loss of Prime 

The loss of prime can also cause poor pump performance. This issue can occur even with self-priming pumps. When a pump is primed, it means filling the pump’s suction piping and pump casing with water, to ensure that there’s no air in the suction piping. Even a self-priming pump needs its casing filled with water before it will pump. If a pump loses prime repeatedly and is unable to fulfill daily water flow requirements, a leaking foot valve may be to blame. If you have not stayed on top of irrigation pump maintenance, contact our team today for an inspection. 

Irrigation System Wasn’t Drained Before the Frost 

Systems need to be drained before temperatures drop below freezing. This isn’t a problem in the summer, but if you have an older system that doesn’t automatically drain, then you can be in for a big problem if you forget to drain it before the frost comes. If there’s water in the impeller when the temp drops below freezing then the water could expand, cracking the pump. Always be sure your system is drained if you see freezing temperatures in the forecast. 

It Sounds Like there are Rocks in Your Pump 

The suction lift is the vertical distance between the pump inlet and the water’s surface. When the suction lift is too high, the pump will sound like it has rocks in it. This noise is caused by cavitation. This can harm the pump’s internal components. Sometimes, locating the pump closer to the water source can solve this problem, if only temporarily. In other cases, a replacement pump will be needed if your current pump is not meeting daily water requirements for your property. 

No business owner or homeowner wants to hear their irrigation pump systems need to be replaced or repaired. However, this issue can usually be avoided if the system is well maintained. While it's possible to maintain or replace your pump yourself, you may want to consider contacting an irrigation pump specialist for repairs or pump assembly and installation. 

Sprinkler Pump Installation 

A sprinkler pump is an important part of a lawn irrigation system. If you have a shallow well or an artesian well, you’ll need a sprinkler pump to get the required water pressure to run your sprinkler system. If a sprinkler pump isn’t working properly, your lawn will not be able to receive the water it needs to stay green. At Lost Valley Pump Service, our knowledgeable and friendly team of experts can replace or repair any type of sprinkler pump. 

Your Expert Irrigation Pump Installation Team

If you have questions regarding irrigation pump installation or repairs, contact the team at Lost Valley Pump Service, for irrigation pump repair services. Our irrigation pump repair team can visit your property to evaluate your pump and help you determine if it would be more cost-effective to repair your old pump or if your system could use an upgrade. 

Need Help?

At Lost Valley Pump Service, we are your complete commercial and residential pump repair and installation team. We offer a variety of services including water filtration and water softeners, well drilling, and commercial and residential water pump repair and installation. We will ensure your home has only the freshest, cleanest water possible and can help you stay on top of maintaining your water pump to lengthen its lifespan. If you’re interested in learning more about our well drilling services, pump installation or you need emergency repairs, contact our office today to speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable contractors. 

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