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Residential Water Pump Repair

A well pump is an integral part of a well system, feeding your water supply into the home for daily use.  As part of the well that works hard daily, pumps are prone to breaking down. A drop in water pressure or a lack of water is a couple of warning signs that your pump is in need of repairs. If you’re concerned your well pump needs repairs, at Lost Valley Pump Service, we can inspect your residential water pump and determine if it needs repairs or your system needs a water pump replacement. 

Signs Your Well Pump Needs to Be Repaired  

If you have a residential well system, it’s important to know the warning signs that your pump is damaged, as well as the type of pump your well system needs. 

While diagnosing a broken water pump can be difficult, the team at Lost Valley Pump Service has several years of experience with water pump repairs.  

We’re familiar with the common warning signs that indicate a broken well pump, including:

Low Water Levels or a Dry Well

When your water tank or home needs water, a signal is sent to the well pump to pull out water from the well. If a well is severely low or dry, the pump will try to pull water out, causing the pump to overheat and burn out. 

Spitting Faucet

If a faucet is spitting water, this can indicate that your well pump is damaged. When the pump is damaged it can't pull water out of the well properly and send it into your home. If the pump seems to be operational, one of our technicians will check for breaks in the water pipe located above the well. Holes in the water pipe can cause air in the system, which can cause the water to sputter out of a faucet. 

Discolored Water

Discolored or dirty water can be another sign of a broken pump. A well pump isn’t designed to pump with high amounts of sediment, so if the silt gets into a pump, wear and tear can lead to serious damage. 

High Energy Bill

A high energy bill can signal that your pump runs around the clock. This can be due to sediment that’s clogging the pump, which is causing it to run for longer periods of time. Or, the well water could be running low, which can cause the motor to run constantly. 

Lack of Water Pressure

Poor water pressure is another common sign that the pump motor is struggling. Loss of water pressure can also indicate that you need to upgrade your pump. 

Types of Well Pumps

Generally, well pumps can be broken down into a couple of categories:

  • Jet pumps
  • Submersible pumps 

Each pump type is designed to fit the needs of a variety of conditions and different well sizes. 

Jet Pumps

There are a couple of main types of jet pumps:

  • Deep well 
  • Shallow well

Shallow Well 

Most types of shallow well pumps are often found in wells that are under twenty-five feet deep and in high water table areas. Shallow well pumps have few running parts, so they require minimal maintenance. 

A shallow pump is located above the ground, usually just inside the well house. The pump generates high pressure to draw water out of the well using an inlet pipe. A well booster pump or tank is recommended for this type of pump to boost water pressure. 

Deep Well Jet Pump 

Unlike a shallow pump, deep well jet pumps are installed inside the well, however, the motor remains in the well house. This type of pump utilizes a couple of pipes. One pipe is used to draw water out of the well, while the other pipe is used for directing the water into the home. This type of pump is usually installed in wells that are over one hundred feet deep. 

Submersible Pumps

These pumps are fully submerged below ground, in the water reservoir. Submersible pumps utilize pressurized water, instead of suction, to force water to the surface. The water is moved into a well pressure tank above ground, which is connected to a plumbing system. 

Deep Well Submersible Pumps 

Deep well submersible pumps rest at the bottom of wells, directly in water. The deep well submersible pump uses a motor to draw water from the bottom of the well to push it out into a home’s water lines. This type of pump can be used in wells that are up to three hundred feet deep. It works similar to sump pumps, which also draw water, pumping it out. 

Replacing A Well Pump

When a well pump breaks down or needs to be replaced, you must contact a professional. Certain types of pumps, such as deep well, require special tools and equipment to remove them without damaging wiring or other components of a well system. Additionally, removing this type of pump is very labor-intensive, considering some models easily weigh over one hundred pounds. 

No one ever plans on needing well pump repairs, whether it’s an issue with the pressure switch, tank, pump, or another part of a well system. At Lost Valley Pump Service, we have the training and knowledge to track down the issue and quickly resolve it. 

Well Inspections

When you contact us, we will come out to your property to ensure that all components in your well system are functioning properly. We will take a look at the switch, tanks, pump, and your entire setup. We’ll gather all available information such as the yield of the well, the depth, and the size of the pump. If your pump needs to be repaired, we will include a quote for all of the appropriate repairs. We also offer emergency services for well water systems, including pumps, so you won't have to wait for an appointment. 

Why Hire Lost Valley Pump Service

At Lost Valley Pump Service, we use only high-quality materials and provide expert workmanship to ensure optimal results for projects of any size, whether you need simple repairs or pump replacement. When it comes to well water pump systems, we will give 100% attention to detail, so you’ll get a long-lasting well system that can provide the quality water you and your family deserve. 

There’s a reason why our clients keep coming back to us for all of their well system needs. 

At Lost Valley Pump Service, we offer:

  • Reasonable rates
  • Convenient schedules
  • Excellence in water pump repairs and replacement
  • Emergency pump service 
  • Dependable pump service at a fair price 

We know our craft, inside and out. Best of all, when you work with one of our service technicians, you won’t have to worry about getting taken advantage of. We’ll provide an estimate before we start your job to ensure that you’re on board with the project’s cost and turnaround time. 

Don’t Try to Tackle Your Well Pump Repairs on Your Own 

While it may seem like repairing your well on your own is going to be a fast and simple fix, a DIY solution is never the answer. A repair job can quickly turn complicated. Don’t chance damaging your well system, especially when help is available. At Lost Valley Pump Service, we provide exceptional service, affordable prices, and customer support you can count on. Contact our office today and let us take care of all of your repair needs. 

Full-Service Excellence And Superior Customer Service Pump Company

Whether you need routine maintenance or cleaning, pump service repairs, or a new pump installed, we’re a company you can rely on in Missouri. We’re the preferred source for excellent customer service and professional water pump service. We provide effective solutions and high-quality workmanship at fair prices. Contact our office today and let our years of experience and excellence work for you.

Need Help?

At Lost Valley Pump Service, we are your complete commercial and residential pump repair and installation team. We offer a variety of services including water filtration and water softeners, well drilling, and commercial and residential water pump repair and installation. We will ensure your home has only the freshest, cleanest water possible and can help you stay on top of maintaining your water pump to lengthen its lifespan. If you’re interested in learning more about our well drilling services, pump installation or you need emergency repairs, contact our office today to speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable contractors. 

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