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Water Well Construction and Design

At Lost Valley Pump Service we provide well pump installation, water management services, and water well construction and design for agricultural and residential customers. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. Our team will provide you superior service, high-quality construction standards, competitive pricing, and quality parts. We can handle well system installations of all sizes and offer a wide variety of well pumps to choose from. We want to educate our clients on how water well systems work and how installing one in their home or business can be very beneficial. 

Groundwater Resource 

Groundwater is water that has soaked into the soil from precipitation or water, moving downward to fill openings, including cracks in the bedrock. Groundwater is a renewable resource, however, renewal rates can vary depending on environmental conditions. Groundwater is considered an abundant natural resource. The water is filtered naturally by the earth that holds it. However, it can become contaminated by pollutants that make contact with the surface of the earth. Great care must be taken at global, national, local, and household levels to protect groundwater from pollution. 

Groundwater Resources and Water Well Systems

Private water wells tap groundwater resources and can provide the highest quality of consumptive water available for both homeowners and business owners. A deeply drilled well can recharge itself, providing a steady, constant supply of water that isn’t easily impacted by dry weather conditions. 

A private water well allows homeowners to take more control of the quality of their water. The water can also be stored for emergency purposes. 

Drilled Wells

Drilled wells will involve either rotary or percussion drilling. Percussion drilling will utilize a heavily weighted chisel bit to break up the formation at the bottom of the borehole. Rotary drilling will use a roller or bits that are attached to the end of a rotating drill stem. With the hydraulic rotary technique driller’s mud is circulated in the hole to remove cuttings and cool off the bits. With the air rotary method, instead of the driller’s mud, compressed air is used. 

Well Design 

Drilled wells consist of a hole that’s bored into the ground. The upper portion of the system is lined with casing to prevent the borehole walls from collapsing. The casing will also prevent the subsurface or surface from entering the water supply. 

The casing provides housing for submersible well pumps, as well as for the pipe that transports the water from the pump to the surface. 

Below this casing is the intake through which the water enters the well. The intake can be gravel packed and screened, or it can be an open hole in solid bedrock, depending on geologic conditions. 

Well System Installation

Before we begin the drilling process, we will inspect your property, and test the quality of the water production level as we work. We will also help you choose the best pump for the application, and ensure the project is completed efficiently and quickly. 

Determining Water Yield

The amounts of water a well can produce will depend on many factors, including geology or location, and the aquifer the well will tap into to replenish the water level.

The term static water level refers to the level of water in the well under non-pumping conditions. The static (non-pumping) water level is often determined when a well hasn’t been pumped for several hours, for a more accurate reading. 

Testing and Disinfecting Well Water

Several areas will require additional work after the drilling process to remove any remaining material so that water can easily enter the well. Testing static water levels, water quality, and disinfecting the water to ensure quality can be part of the finishing touches of well system installation. 

Disinfecting the well water to eliminate any bacteria is an important step of the process. After disinfection, a well is capped to provide sanitary protection until it’s hooked up to a system. Once your water has been tested and your well system is up and running, you and your family will enjoy a drinking water source that provides fresh tasting, clean water, so there's no longer a need to waste money on bottled water. 

Contact Us Today 

At Lost Valley Pump Service, our team has the knowledge, training, and experience needed to expertly install residential or commercial water well systems. If you want to drill a new well or your existing well needs maintenance, a pump installation contractor can help. If you’re interested in learning more about the water well drilling process and the services we offer, contact our office today to speak with a licensed contractor and schedule a consultation.

Need Help?

At Lost Valley Pump Service, we are your complete commercial and residential pump repair and installation team. We offer a variety of services including water filtration and water softeners, well drilling, and commercial and residential water pump repair and installation. We will ensure your home has only the freshest, cleanest water possible and can help you stay on top of maintaining your water pump to lengthen its lifespan. If you’re interested in learning more about our well drilling services, pump installation or you need emergency repairs, contact our office today to speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable contractors. 

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